Defend trans rights and Scottish democracy!

This week, the UK government announced that it will use its veto powers for the first time ever to prevent Scotland’s progressive new gender recognition legislation, approved by a super-majority of MSPs from every political party in the Scottish Parliament, from being signed into law.

Independence supporters and LGBT+ activists are coming together across Scotland to protest this outrageous attack on Scottish democracy.

  • In Edinburgh, a demo co-organised by the LGBT+ wings of most Scottish political parties will take place outside Queen Elizabeth House — the UK government’s Scottish HQ — on Thursday 19th January, 1.30pm.
  • In Glasgow, a demo organised by local LGBT+ activists is taking place at Buchanan Steps on Saturday 21st January, 11am.
  • In Aberdeen, a demo organised by LGBT+ and student activists is taking place at the Mercat Cross, Castlegate on Thursday 19th January, 1pm.

Let’s make these demonstrations as big and inclusive as possible, and show Rishi Sunak and Alister Jack that Scotland won’t simply roll over accept such a blatant attack on our sovereign right to make our own laws.