• RIC statement on Supreme Court ruling

    RIC statement on Supreme Court ruling

    This is a dark day for democracy and signals clearly the rotten, undemocratic nature of our broken, union state. The unelected judges of the UK Supreme Court are saying that the Scottish Parliament is permanently vassalled to Westminster and its undemocratic parliament, government and state — that the democratic rights of the Scottish people do […]

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  • November 2022 National Forum

    November 2022 National Forum

    The UK Supreme Court has announced that it will hand down its ruling in the indyref2 case next Wednesday 23rd November. This is a critical moment for the independence movement, as it will establish whether the Scottish Government’s plan for an advisory referendum next October is tenable or whether we have to go back to […]

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  • Let The People Decide!

    Let The People Decide!

    The Radical Independence Campaign is calling on Scottish independence supporters — and our allies in the Irish and Welsh national movements — to gather outside the UK Supreme Court in London as it begins hearing the indyref2 case on Tuesday 11th October. The United Kingdom declares before the world that it is a democracy and […]

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