Press kit

1. About the Radical Independence Campaign

The Radical Independence Campaign is a grassroot initiative that campaigns for an independent Scotland to be:

  • A modern republic for real democracy
  • Green and environmentally sustainable
  • A social alternative to austerity and privatisation
  • Committed to equality and opposition to discrimination
  • Internationalist and opposed to war, NATO, and Trident.

2. About the Radical Independence Conference 2021

Now more than ever, Scotland needs a re-energised radical and progressive movement for independence to make a Scottish republic a reality. 

On Saturday 12th June, the Radical Independence Conference 2021 will bring people together for a much needed day of discussion, planning, strategising and training around the theme Why Scottish Independence is a Vehicle for Radical Change.

This free online event will feel different to RIC conferences in the past – our focus is on participation. It will be your chance to have a say about how we take forward the independence movement – as well as networking and gaining practical skills to enable you to do that.

Together, we can make another Scotland possible.

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4. Media Coverage


Russia Today, 28 May 2021
(Use of a media outlet does not imply endorsement for its funders or backers, in this and other instances)


The National, 27 May 2021
Radical Independence Campaign considers plan for London march to demand indyref2

STV News, 27 May 2021
Independence supporters ‘consider London protests’

The Herald, 27 May 2021
Scottish independence: Radical campaigners consider ‘civil disobedience’ protests in London

The Scotsman, 27 May 2021
Scottish independence supporters could take to London streets in referendum push

Daily Record, 27 May 2021
Scottish independence supporters to consider holding indyref2 protests in London

The Times, 27 May 2021
Scottish independence referendum fight could hit streets of London

Bella Caledonia, 29 April 2021
A renewed Radical Independence Campaign is necessary

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