Another Scotland Is Possible

The Radical Independence Campaign works for an independent Scottish republic. We see independence as a means to achieve the radical change that Scotland urgently needs. We stand for a Scotland that is:

  • For a democratic, secular, socially just and environmentally sustainable Scottish republic.
  • Action based on the sovereignty of the people not the UK Crown, leading to the setting up of a Constituent Assembly.
  • Action to establish universal health care, education, housing, income, pensions and trade union rights; and to win land reform and challenge environmental degradation.
  • Equality and opposition to discrimination on grounds of sex, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion/belief, disability or age
  • Solidarity with the struggles for workers’ rights, democracy and self-determination, based on internationalism from below
  • Support for Scotland’s artistic and cultural revival in all its languages

We campaign locally and nationally on issues affecting people now, like the drugs deaths crisis, poverty and climate change. We think independence is a process, and that we need to start building the kind of society we want an independent Scotland to be now

Let us put the ideas of social justice, equality, love, solidarity, saving the planet and redistribution of wealth and power from the rich to the rest of us firmly back on the political agenda.

If you want negotiated equitable deals for all workers – you have a home here. If you refuse to throw the marginalised under the bus – you have a home here. If you want quality public services available to all – you have a home here. If you demand harm reduction for addicts – you have a home here. If you want an independent socialist Scotland based on principles of equality, solidarity, generosity and class justice – you have a home here.

Winning Radical Independence - Fighting for a decent, equitable society.

Get involved with Radical Independence

There are a number of RIC local groups across Scotland. Their contact details are listed on the Local Groups page. Additionally, you can spread the word about upcoming events to your friends and on social media.

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